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PROGRAMME: Archaeological research (2015−2021)


The programme is focused on fundamental research to acquire new knowledge about the development of man and society in the earliest periods. It is multi-layered and encompasses a wide range of activities, from the implementation and testing of new research methods and the construction of databases and documentation systems to acquiring new insights into settlement structures, trade, social processes, and the way of life of people who lived in the south-eastern Alps from prehistory to the Middle Ages.

It covers several topics: Palaeolithic and Mesolithic, Neolithic and Eneolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman Age, Late Antiquity, Early Middle Ages, Epigraphy, which operates within the Center for Epigraphy, the only institution of its kind in Slovenia, and natural sciences in archaeology, where we deal with palynology, archaeobotany, and archaeozoology. Within the programme group, comparative databases of national relevance for archaeobotany and archaeozoology are being created, and at the same time the equally important Arkas, Zbiva and Libera databases are being upgraded and updated.

We publish the central Slovenian archaeological journal Arheološki vestnik and the monographic series Opera Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae and E-Monographiae Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae.