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Edisa Lozić, PhD

Research Assistant, Assistant Professor

+386 1 47 06 392

Edisa Lozić is an early career researcher. She was a recipient of a prestigious Zois Phd scholarship and completed her PhD in Classical Archaeology with a grade of 10/10 in 2013. Until 2018 she held various positions in commercial archaeology and in 2018-2019 she was a manager of an international project at National Museum of Slovenia and between 2019 and 2021 she was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Graz. She is currently a research assistant with PhD at the ZRC SAZU, Institute of archaeology. She is the author of a scientific monograph book and author or co-author of 9 articles in respected international journals.


Education and training

  • B. Sc. in Archaeology, 2008, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.
  • Accomplished transition to PhD study recognized as an equivalent od MA in archaeology by University of Ljubljana (31.9. 2010)
  • Ph. D. in Archaeology, 2013, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.

Research interests

  • Classical archaeology
  • Spatial archaeology (archaeological applications of GIS and LiDAR data).

Scientific stays

  • 2019−2021 : Post-doctoral education at the University of Graz (Institute of Classics / Institut für Antike), Austria.
  • 2010−2011: Institut Français' Charles Nodier grant (2010-2011): 8 months of post-graduate specialisation at the MSHE C.N. Ledoux., Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, France. Charles Nodier grant (Institut français de Slovénie)

Short term scientific stays

  • 2016: Maison de l’Archéologie, Université Bordeaux Montaigne (France).
  • 2013: Institut für- Ur. und Frühgeschichte, Universität Wien (Austria). 2012: Laboratoire Chrono–environnement - UMR 6249 CNRS-UFC, Université de Franche-Comté (France).
  • 2010: Fornleifastofnun Íslands (The Institut of Archeology), Reykyavik (Ickeland).
  • 2009: Visual and Spatial Technology Centre, University of Birmingham (Great Britain).


  • 2022→ "The Wolves and the Caesars: Digital Landscape Archaeology in Slovenia. Archaeological field school teaching survey, excavation, LiDAR, and photogrammetry”, so-direktor/co-director (
  • 2016 − Guest lecturer: LiDAR data in archaeology, Institute of Archeology, University of Graz, Graz, Austria.

Organising International Meetings

  • 2022 TRAIL 2018, Chief co-organizer, member of Organizing committee, member of Scientific Committee / Slovenia (
  • 2018 TRAIL 2018, Co-organizer, member of Organizing committee, member of Scientific Committee / Slovenia (

Recognitions and awards

  • 2022: Excellence in Science, Open LiDAR Toolbox OLiT
  • 2021: Excellence in Science, Airborne LiDAR-Derived Digital Elevation Model for Archaeology

Scientific monographs


Selected aricles



  • ŠTULAR, B., E. LOZIĆ 2020, Comparison of Filters for Archaeology-Specific Ground Extraction from Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds.Remote Sensing 2020 (12), DOI: 10.3390/rs12183025.
  • LAHARNAR, B., E. LOZIĆ, A. MIŠKEC 2020, Gradišče nad Knežakom. – In: J. Horvat, I. Lazar, A. Gaspari (eds.), Manjša rimska naselja na slovenskem prostoru / Minor Roman settlements in Slovenia, Opera Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae 40, 2020, 123–140.
  • LAHARNAR, B., E. LOZIĆ 2019, Ulaka and Nadleški hrib (Slovenia) : sites of military conflict from the last decades BC. – In: E. Strigberger (ed.), Fachgespräch "Schlachtfelder: Fundstellen und Denkmale" am 23. August 2018, Mauerbach (Niederösterreich), Fundberichte aus Österreich, Bd. 56 (2017), 62–66. [COBISS.SI-ID - 10197088].
  • LAHARNAR, B., E. LOZIĆ, B. ŠTULAR 2019, A structured Iron Age landscape in the hinterland of Knežak, Slovenia. – In: D. C. Cowley, M. Fernández-Götz, T. Romankiewicz & H. Wendling (eds.). Rural Settlement. Relating buildings, landscape, and people in the European Iron Age (Leiden 2019: Sidestone Press), 263–272. [COBISS.SI-ID - 9811040].


Before 2010


Undergraduate degree

LOZIĆ, Edisa 2008. Rimski lapidarij v Iški vasi v kontekstu krajinskega parka Barje (Roman lapidarium in the Iška vas in the context of landscape of the Ljubljansko barje Nature Park) : Diplomsko delo. Ljubljana: 2008. 193.

Doctoral dissertation

LOZIĆ, Edisa 2013. Arheološka analiza rimskodobne kamnoseške produkcije v notranjosti rimske province Dalmacije (Archaeological analysis of stonemasonry production in the Roman Province of Dalmatia ): doktorska disertacija. Ljubljana.



Making Archaeological LiDAR More Accessible: Why and How ( − 15 February 2023, on-line seminar, organiser Museum of London Archaeology as part of a research project TEtrARCHs, accessible at:

Web article

E. Lozić 2020, Stone supply in the Interior of the Roman Province of Dalmatia: A methodological approach (Forum Archaeologiae - Zeitschrift für klassische Archäologie 94 / III / 2020).

Computer programme

EICHERT, Stefan, ŠTULAR, Benjamin, LOZIĆ, Edisa. Open LiDAR Toolbox. Version 2.0. Wien: NHM; [Ljubljana]: ZRC SAZU; Graz: University, [2021]. [COBISS.SI-ID 73783811] funded by: ARRS, Project, N6-0132, SI, Metodološka zrelost zračnega laserskega skeniranja v arheologiji - pilotni projekt (Methodological Maturity of Airborne LiDAR in Archaeology - Pilot Project (MALiAp))

Archeological Exhibition

LOZIĆ, Edisa, ŠTULAR, Benjamin, LAHARNAR, Boštjan. Okno v prazgodovinsko krajino Knežaka in Ilirske Bistrice : Archeological Exhibition National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, 29. 10. 2015 – 8. 2. 2016. [COBISS.SI-ID 9162336].

PROGRAMME: Archaeological research (2022−2027) (research programme • 01. january 2022 - 31. december 2027)
AI4Europe (01. july 2022 - 31. december 2025)
Identifying quarries in the Roman Pannonia (01. october 2022 - 30. september 2025)
TETRACHs (01. september 2022 - 31. august 2025)
Digital Archaeology of a Slovenian Hillfort Landscape (bilateral project • 01. july 2022 - 30. june 2024)
Religiopolitics - the Imperium Christianum and its Commoners (REPLICO) (international research project • 01. may 2023 - 30. april 2026)
Advanced digital methods in archaeology (bilateral project • 01. january 2023 - 31. december 2024)
SEADDA - Saving European Archaeology from the Digital Dark Age (04. march 2019 - 03. march 2023)
Methodological Maturity of Airborne LiDAR in Archaeology - Pilot Project (MALiAp) (01. october 2019 - 30. september 2022)
Settlement of the south-eastern Alpine region in the Early Middle Ages (01. november 2018 - 31. october 2022)
Artefacts and landscapes. Structured Iron Age communities in the Notranjska region (01. may 2017 - 30. april 2020)
Promoting research for sustainable use of cultural heritage resources in mountainous areas. Consolidation of databases for archaeology of South-Eastern Alpine region (01. january 2018 - 31. december 2019)
Between the Sava and the Drava Rivers, the lands of tradition and the lands of transition (01. january 2014 - 31. december 2015)