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Promoting research for sustainable use of cultural heritage resources in mountainous areas. Consolidation of databases for archaeology of South-Eastern Alpine region

Basic Info


The aim of this project is to consolidate existing archaeological databases (Zbiva and Austrian Early Medieval sites database) by setting up a protocol for regular data exchange. Thus duplicated effort for inputting the same data is omitted and the quality of both databases are improved in the process. When this is achieved a much-improved common ground for further research leading towards the application of archaeological heritage to sustainable economic use of resources in mountainous areas will be established.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the proposed project is to strengthen the bilateral scientific cooperation between the Slovenian and Austrian partner by setting up a new partnership (this partnership has previously not been co-financed).

The scientific cooperation is focused in the following areas:

  • consolidate the existing scientific databases on Early Medieval archaeological sites in South-Eastern Alpine Region,
  • increase the mobility of researchers with the focus on post-graduate students and post- doctoral researchers,
  • prepare basis for common project proposal (either to Horizon 2020 or ERC grant).


In order to achieve the stated aims the following objectives are set:

  • at least 4 short visits and 1 long visit will be exchanged,
  • a detailed procedure for regular data exchange between the Zbiva and Austrian Early Medieval sites database database will be set up (including a plan for long-term data exchange) during the said visits
  • a detailed analysis of the possibility for the application of common research project either to Horizon 2020 or ERC grant (e.g. identifying potential partners, identifying potential specific calls).