Long-term environmental changes: Publications

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About the Journal

In periodical 'Long-term environmental changes', which is published within series 'Opera Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae', we welcome multidisciplinary research papers dealing with long-term changes of the Pleistocene and Holocene environment in Slovenia (or wider). Our main research topics include: ecological, geomorphological and sedimentological processes, nature protection, biodiversity, and the formation of past and present cultural landscapes and human impact on the environment.

Editor: Maja Andrič, Insitute of Archaeology ZRC SAZU
Editorial board: Borut Toškan, Insitute of Archaeology ZRC SAZU, Urban Šilc, Jovan Hadži Institute of Biology, ZRC SAZU, Miloš Bavec, Geological Survey of Slovenia and Tjaša Tolar, Insitute of Archaeology ZRC SAZU

Dolgoročne spremembe okolja 1 [Long-term environmental changes 1], Opera Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae 25, 2012.