Grobišče Župna cerkev v Kranju. Kartoteka najdb iz leta 1953
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Within the framework of the basic research project The Župna cerkev Cemetery n Kranj, intended for the publication and research of materials from archaeological excavations of the eponymous burial ground, digital primary forms of archival sources are presented.
[In Slovenian only]

  • The first issue presents documentation of the 1953 excavation.
  • The second one brings the files of graves, excavated in 1953, kept in The National Museum of Slovenia.
  • The documentation of the 1964 to 1966 excavation is presented in the third book.
  • In the fourth book is on field documentation of 1969 to 1973 excavation.
  • Milan Sagadin, the excavator of the 1984 campaign, presents the field diary in the fifth issue.
  • The anthropological diaries of the 1964 to 1973 excavations by Tone Pogačnik and Tatjana Tomazzo Ravnik are presented in the sixth book.
Table of content
  • 1. Uvod (Benjamin ŠTULAR)
    • 1.1 Iz predgovora k 1. knjigi
    • 1.2 Uvod
  • 2. Kartoteka najdb iz leta 1953 (Jože KASTELIC, Vinko ŠRIBAR, Andrej VALIČ in Benjamin ŠTULAR)
    • 2.1 Komentar (Benjamin ŠTULAR)
    • 2.2 Kartoteka
  • 3. Indeks (Mateja BELAK)

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