Arheološka najdišča Ptuja. Panorama
Archaeological sites of Ptuj. Panorama

Authors: Jana Horvat, Branko Mušič, Anja Ragolič, Andreja Dolenc Vičič
Year: 2020

The hill of Panorama in Ptuj is one of the most important areas of Roman Poetovio. Chance finds and small-scale excavations in the past centuries have revealed the existence of significant archaeological remains that included buildings with numerous rooms and objects dedicated to a variety of deities, the remains of a sanctuary dedicated to the Nutrices, an Early Christian church, an aqueduct and a cemetery. The geophysical investigations have revealed the urban design with a rectilinear grid of streets and building plots.
The first few chapters of the book present the history of archaeological research on Panorama, the analytical approaches and the geophysical investigations with the methods employed and the final results. The main chapters correlate the archaeological data of differing quality and nature (chance finds, rescue excavations, old and modern archaeological investigations, geophysical surveys) and locate them with a series of plans. The comprehensive overview is supported by a Catalogue of stone monuments that presents the basic data, descriptions, bibliography, commentary and photographs of the stone objects recovered on Panorama.


Arheološka najdišča Ptuja. Rabelčja vas / Archaeological Sites of Ptuj. Rabelčja vas was published as Volum 20 in the series.

Table of content

  • Predgovor / Preface (Jana HORVAT)
  • Uvod / Introduction (Jana HORVAT, Andreja DOLENC VIČIČ)
  • Pregled arheoloških odkritij ter izhodišča interpretacije / Overview of research and the analytical approach (Jana HORVAT, Andreja DOLENC VIČIČ)
  • Geofizikalne raziskave / Geophysical investigations (Branko MUŠIČ)
  • Opis arheoloških ostankov (Jana HORVAT, Branko MUŠIČ, Andreja DOLENC VIČIČ)
    • Uvod
    • Jugozahodno pobočje – območje 1
    • Jugovzhodno pobočje – območje 2
    • Severovzhodno pobočje – območje 3
    • Severovzhodno vznožje – območje 4
    • Severno pobočje – območje 5
  • Panorama v antiki / Panorama in the Roman period (Jana HORVAT, Branko MUŠIČ, Andreja DOLENC VIČIČ)
  • Literatura / Bibliography
    • Arhivsko gradivo in dokumentacija / Archives and documentation
    • Viri prostorskih podatkov / Spatial data sources
    • Fotografije / Photographs
    • Kratice / Abbreviations
  • Katalog kamnitih spomenikov / Catalogue of stone monuments (Anja RAGOLIČ)
    • Votivni spomeniki / Votive monuments
    • Nagrobni spomeniki / Funerary monuments
    • Fragmenti/ Fragments
    • Nenapisno gradivo / Stone monuments without inscriptions
    • Literatura / Bibliography
  • Table / Plates
  • Avtorji / Contributors

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