3D Archaeology. Early Medieval Earrings from Kranj

This multi-touch book presents 3D models of selected early medieval earrings from the Župna cerkev (Parish church) in Kranj (Slovenia) archaeological site. The book came about as part of an extensive research project analysing the site. In the process of documenting artefacts in a classic archaeological manner, that is with photography, archaeological drawings and textual descriptions, we also experimented with 3D documentation techniques that were available at the time. Due to restricted time that was available for 3D documentation, we focused on earrings as a predominant type of expressive artefacts on the site.

Table of content
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Methodology of 3D digitisation in archaeology
    • 2.1 3D digitisation in archaeology
    • 2.2 3D digitisation in Slovenian archaeology
    • 2.3 State of the art and a look into the future
    • 2.4 A silhouette method and 3D documentation of early medieval earrings
  • 3 The Site
  • 4 The Artefacts
    • 4.1Crescent-Shaped Earrings
    • 4.2 Other Earrings
  • 5 3D Catalogue
  • 6 Bibliography

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internet publication • iba • 104 pages • 125 drawings, photos, maps and 3D models