Ptujska Panorama. Legijski tabor in antično mesto

Author: Jana Horvat
Year: 2023

Jana Horvat contributed the text on the legion camp and the settlement on Panorama, a hill in the immediate vicinity of Ptuj Castle Hill, for the series Art in the Pocket. The Panorama hill is a unique archaeological site, where nothing was built after the decline of antiquity, which is very rare in the territory of Slovenia. The georadar surveys revealed that Panorama was an exceptionally wealthy area of the Roman Poetovio with a regulated system of streets and squares, luxurious residential buildings, small workshops, and shrines. At that time, numerous deities were venerated in Poetovio, also such that originated from pre-Roman cults, while in the 5th century, the pagan shrines were replaced by a Christian church. The author’s most important discovery is that in the 1st century, there was a legion camp on Panorama, until then presumed to be on the right side of the Drava River. In 69, military commanders gathered in the Poetovio legion camp and endorsed Vespasian, who pursued the imperial title. They enabled him to do so by marching to Rome. Tacitus’ report about this important event is simultaneously the first written mention of Poetovio. The Roman Empire deteriorated and with it the lavish buildings of the Roman Poetovio, while today, Panorama hill is being revived as an invaluable archaeological site and a popular archaeological park.

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