Divje babe I. Paleolitsko najdišče mlajšega pleistocena v Sloveniji (1. del: Geologija in paleontologija)
Upper Pleistocene palaeolithic site in Slovenia (Part 1: Geology and Palaeontology)

Edited by: Ivan Turk
Year: 2007

In the first part of the Divje babe I monograph, data from the field of the natural sciences is presented, analysed and interpreted. This is primarily stratigraphic, sedimentological and chronological data and data on the remains of flora and fauna. The latter includes detailed analysis of charcoal from a number of hearths and the remains small and large mammals, with a stress on cave bear. The series of absolute ESR datings and the climatogram of the site should be highlighted in particular, which shows the course of temperature and humidity by layers in the chronozone of the Early and Middle Würm or oxygen isotope stages OIS 5 and OIS 3. The remains of flora and fauna from OIS 3 in particular are analysed, which enables new insight into palaeo-environmental and climatic conditions of this poorly known chronological segment in Slovenia and neighbouring regions. Archaeological finds, including Mousterian bone artefacts, will be presented in the planned second part of the monograph.

Table of content

Avtorji / Contributors

Uvod / Introduction (Ivan TURK)

1. Izhodišča, tehnika in metoda dela pri raziskovanju najdišča Divje babe I / Introduction to techniques and methods of work in studying the Divje babe I site (Ivan TURK)

2. Kratek geološki oris okolice najdišča Divje babe I / Brief geological description of the surroundings of Divje babe I (Jože ČAR)

3. Pleistocenski sedimenti na Šebreljski planoti nad najdiščem Divje babe I / Pleistocene sediments on Šebrelje plateau above the site of Divje babe I (Ivan TURK, Janez TURK)

4. Stratigrafija najdišča Divje babe I / Stratigraphy of the Divje babe I site (Ivan TURK)
Priloga (= sl. 4.1b) / Appendix (= Fig. 4.1b)

5. Sedimenti v najdišču Divje babe I / Sediments at the Divje babe I site (Ivan TURK, Dragomir SKABERNE, Boris OREL, Janez TURK, Andrej KRANJC, Lidija SLEMENIK-PERŠE, Anton MEDEN)

  • 5.1. Splošno o sedimentih / Generally about sediments
  • 5.2. Morfološke značilnosti klastov in klimatostratigrafija / Morphological characteristics of clasts and climato-stratigraphy
  • 5.3. Agregati, breče in klimatostratigrafija / Aggregates, breccia and climato-stratigraphy
  • 5.4. Geokemijska analiza peščeno-meljaste frakcije sedimenta / Geochemical analysis of the sand-silt sedimentary fraction
  • 5.5. Neobičajen mineral v ognjiščih iz Divjih bab I / Unusual mineral in a hearth from Divje babe I
  • 5.6. Splošen sklep / General conclusion

6. ESR-datiranje najdišča Divje babe I, Slovenija / ESR Dating at Divje babe I, Slovenia (Bonnie A. B. BLACKWELL, Edwin S. K. YU, Anne R. SKINNER, Ivan TURK, Joel I. B. BLICKSTEIN, Janez TURK, Vicky S. W. YIN, Beverly LAU)

7. Kronologija najdišča Divje babe I / Chronology of the Divje babe I (Ivan TURK)

8. Paleobotanične raziskave v Divjih babah I / Palaeobotanical research in Divje babe I (Metka CULIBERG)

9. Fosilni ostanki avifavne iz Divjih bab I / Fossil remains of avifauna from Divje babe I (Vesna MALEZ)

10. Mali terestrični sesalci (Erinaceomorpha, Soricomorpha, Chiroptera, Rodentia) iz Divjih bab I / Small terrestrial mammals( Erinaceomorpha, Soricomorpha,Chiroptera, Rodentia) from Divje babe I (Borut TOŠKAN, Boris KRYŠTUFEK)

11. Ostanki velikih sesalcev iz Divjih bab I: stratigrafija, taksonomija in biometrija / Remains of large mammals from Divje babe I – Stratigraphy, taxonomy and biometry (Borut TOŠKAN)

12. Jamski medved v najdišču Divje babe I: tafonomsko-stratigrafska analiza / Cave bear at the Divje babe I site: taphonomic-stratigraphics analysis (Ivan TURK, Janez DIRJEC)

  • 12.1. Uvod v tafonomsko analizo / Introduction to taphonomic analysis (Abstract)
  • 12.2. Izolirani zobje / Isolated teeth (Abstract)
  • 12.3. Fragmentacija anatomsko določljivih kosti in druge značilnosti kostnih ostankov / Fragmentation of anatomically definable bones and other characteristics of bone remains (Abstract)
  • 12.4. Zastopanost skeletnih delov / Representation of skeletal parts (Abstract)
  • 12.5. Sklep / Conclusion

13. Fosilne dlake jamskega medveda v najdišču Divje babe I / Fossil hairs of cave bear at the Divje babe I site (Ivan TURK, Gregor KAPUN)

14. Stabilni izotopi in metabolizem jamskega medveda iz najdišča Divje babe I / Stable isotopes and the metabolism of cave bear from Divje babe I (Erle NELSON, Anders ANGERBJÖRN, Kerstin LIDÉN, Ivan TURK)

15. Metrična študija lobanj jamskega medveda iz Divjih bab I / Metric study of cave bear skulls from Divje babe I (Borut TOŠKAN)

16. Velike dolge kosti jamskega medveda iz najdišča Divje babe I / Large long bones of cave bear from the Divje babe I site (Gordana JAMBREŠIĆ, Ivan TURK)

17. Morfometrična študija metapodijev jamskega medveda iz Divjih bab I / Morphometric study of cave bear metapodials from Divje babe I (Borut TOŠKAN)

18. Sklep / Conclusion (Ivan TURK)

19. Literatura / References


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