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The autonomous towns of Noricum and Pannonia. Pannonia I
Die autonomen Städte in Noricum und Pannonien. Pannonia I

Edited by: Marjeta Šašel Kos, Peter Scherrer
Year: 2003

The Autonomous Towns of Noricum and Pannonia / Die autonomen Städte in Noricum und Pannonien:

  • Noricum (Situla 40), ed./ur. M. Šašel Kos, P. Scherrer, Ljubljana 2002
  • Pannonia I (Situla 41), ed./ur. M. Šašel Kos, P. Scherrer, in coll. with B. Kuntić-Makvić, L. Borhy, Ljubljana 2003
  • Pannonia II (Situla 42), ed./ur. M. Šašel Kos, P. Scherrer, in coll. with B. Kuntić-Makvić, L. Borhy, Ljubljana 2004


The three books are the result of an international collaboration between scholars from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, and Slovenia. They include synthetic surveys of all autonomous towns (colonies and municipia) in the Roman provinces of Noricum and Upper and Lower Pannonia. The articles contain a detailed geographic description of the position of each town, a summary of the state of research, particularly archaeological investigations, a short survey of historical and epigraphic sources, and, most notably, the topography of each town. The texts are accompanied by many illustrations, including plans, maps, and various graphs, as well as drawings and/or photographs of the most important small finds. The contributions were peer-reviewed and are fundamental for any further research into the Roman towns under discussion, or the urbanization of Noricum and both Pannonias.


Table of content

  • Marjeta Šašel Kos: Emona was in Italy, not in Pannonia
  • Boris Vičič: Colonia Iulia Emona
  • Jenö Fitz: Die Städte Pannoniens
  • Peter Scherrer: Savaria
  • János Gömöri: Scarbantia
  • Milan Lovenjak: Municipium Flavium Latobicorum Neviodunum
  • Dorica Nemeth-Ehrlich, Dora Kušan Špalj: Municipium Andautonia
  • Tatjana Lolić: Colonia Flavia Siscia
  • Jana Horvat et al.: Poetovio
  • Ferenc Redö: Municipium Aelium Salla

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