Srednjeveška Ljubljana. Arheološke raziskave

Author: Benjamin Štular
Publishing House: Založba ZRC
Year: 2014

Our knowledge of the Medieval Ljubljana is based primarily on the written sources. But in late 2009 some new exciting archaeological evidence came to light and is presented in this book in a non-scientific manner. The Medieval past is presented in four chronologically ordered chapters. These are followed by a more precise description of the events in one street, now-a-days known as the Mačkova Street. At the end archaeological excavations are presented with rich photographic material.

Table of content

  • Ribiči, splavarji ter kmetovalci v 10. in 11. stoletju
  • Trg v 12. stoletju
  • Ljubljana postane mesto
  • Tri mesta v enem
  • Zgodba neke ulice
  • Dodatek: Arheološka izkopavanja
  • Kako naprej

archaeological excavations
archaeological finds
Middle Ages


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