Appian and Illyricum
Situla. Razprave Narodnega muzeja Slovenije / Situla. Dissertationes Musei Nationalis Sloveniae 43

This book is a commentary to the short Illyrian History by the Greek historian from the 2nd century AD, Appian of Alexandria. It deals with important events from the ancient history of the eastern Alpine and Adriatic regions as well as the western Balkans. The region of Illyricum more or less corresponds to the western Balkans, and its history has always been complex and problematic, and often obscure. The monograph offers a synthetic survey of the history of Illyricum in the Hellenistic and early Roman periods. The first chapter is dedicated to Appian’s life, works, and sources. It is followed by the Greek text of the Illyrian History, as well as an English translation. All the other chapters are detailed commentaries to Appian’s chapters, including the mythological origin of the Illyrian peoples, the dimensions of Illyria and its geographic characteristics, and the attack of the Scordisci on the sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi. One long chapter deals with the three Illyrian Wars, and another with the conquest of Dalmatia. The exhaustive commentary to the Illyrian Wars of Octavian, the future emperor Augustus, is very important. The book also deals with the conquest and Romanisation of Pannonia, Noricum, and Rhaetia, as well as Moesia. It ends with a long Appendix, with comments on other important episodes from the history of Illyricum.


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