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Original title:
Zooarheološke raziskave v Sloveniji
Researchers involved:
1 September 2005–31 August 2007

The zooarchaeological research of Eneolithic sites in Slovenia is focussed on the area of Ljubljansko barje (central Slovenia), where faunistic remains from several pile-dwellings has been analized (Resnikov prekop, Maharski prekop, Hočevarica, Črešnja pri Bistri, Stare gmajne, Založnica). Our studies deal with a variety of zooarchaeological methods and approaches, including biometry, mortality curves, butchery patterns and pathological markers in trying to detect inter-site and intra-site differences in the faunistic material. Special emphasis has been given to worked animal remains.

Resnikov prekop near Ig.


Anton Velušček (ed.), RESNIKOV PREKOP. Najstarejša koliščarska naselbina na Ljubljanskem barju / RESNIKOV PREKOP. The oldest pile-dwelling settlement in the Ljubljansko barje, Opera Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae 10, 2006.

Anton Velušček (ed.), Koliščarska naselbina Stare gmajne in njen čas. Ljubljansko barje v 2. polovici 4. tisočletja pr. Kr. / Stare gmajne pile-dwelling settlement and its era. The Ljubljansko barje in the 2nd half of the 4th millennium BC, Opera Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae 16, 2009.

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