With the project Prehistoric pile-dwelling settlements on the Ljubljansko barje, Slovenia: chronology, culture and palaeoenvironment we would like to continue the interdisciplinary research of pile-dwelling settlements of the Ljubljansko barje.

Within the project we will perform archaeological field actions in the Ljubljansko barje and our work will involve the development of wetland research methodology.

Ljubljansko barje

We will perform the dendrochronological research and strive to synchronize dendrochronological curves of the Ljubljansko barje with absolutely dated chronologies of foreign institutions. Much attention will be given to the paleoenvironmental research and the research of paleoeconomy (palynology, archaeobotany and archaeaozoology).

Archaeological finds will be studied, interpreted, and presented in a catalogue since this project will also involve multidisciplinary publications of archaeological finds of the Ljubljansko barje and Slovenia in general.