Arheološki vestnik (Acta Archaeologica)

Arheološki vestnik is the central Slovenian archaeological journal, which publishes contributions according to criteria similar to those of nationally important archaeological journals in other European countries.
Editorial Board: Andreja Dolenc Vičič (managing editor), Janez Dular, Jana Horvat, Zvezdana Modrijan, Marjeta Šašel Kos, Benjamin Štular, Sneža Tecco Hvala ((editor-in-chief), Biba Teržan, Borut Toškan and Peter Turk
Foreign members: Marko Dizdar (Croatia), Paul Gleirscher (Austria), Claudio Zaccaria (Italy)
Published by: Inštitut za arheologijo ZRC SAZU – Co-Published by: SAZU
Time scale: from 1950
Annual issues: 1
Sciences: archaeology, interdisciplinary
Languages: Slovenian, English, German, Italian etc
ISSN 0570-8966, 20 x 29 cm, hardcover
ISSN 1581-1204 - for web publishing

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Arheološki vestnik is the central Slovenian archaeological journal. It is devoted to presenting the findings and discoveries in archaeology as well as other fields of scientific research that complement archaeology in shedding light on the past of the south-eastern Alpine, northern Adriatic and western Balkan regions with an emphasis on the territory of modern Slovenia and neighbouring countries. All articles are published with an abstract and a translation or a lengthy summary in either Slovenian or other languages. Individual issues are limited to roughly 350 pages. The journal is included into various bibliographical databases and indexes, also AHCI (Arts and Humanities Citation Index). Arheološki vestnik is annually sent for exchange to roughly 450 addresses both in Slovenia and abroad.

The articles published in Issue 39–40 (1988–1989) or later are available in full in digital form.